July 15, 2014 Web hosting

bluehostRight on par with the best web hosting services in the market, BlueHost offers unlimited bandwidth, storage space, email accounts and an infinite supply of subdomains. If you expect your business to grow, BlueHost stands ready to support you along the way. That said, there are no standout features to discuss, so there isn’t much to recommend them over any other web hosting service.

Back in the day, unlimited everything would have been a dream come true, but the era of bandwidth limitations is ending. These days, there is little to distinguish BlueHost from the crowd, with the exception of their pricing policy. You pay the whole lump sum for a term of service upfront – no monthly payments. That might not be good news for small ventures, but it comes with the benefit of a locked price. Some competitors may alter monthly fees without a formal notification.

BlueHost gets good marks for ease of use. The feature set is streamlined and easy to work with. In addition to the standard fare, you can password-protect sensitive directories for a nice level of added security. The Help Center is easy to navigate and quickly leads you to the information you require. Each feature of the hosting plan is unpacked in detail if you find yourself in need of a little explanation.

This service also comes with excellent customer support. In your search for answers, you will find everything you want to know and learn a few things in the process. They have step-by-step guides for the most common tasks for new customers, over 60 video tutorials, a user forum, an in-depth knowledgebase and many other options to help you make the most out of their service. Their dedication in this area shows how much they care about their customers. Total mastery is not beyond your grasp.

BlueHost offers a decent traffic analysis toolset. Webalizer provides detailed, easy-to-configure usage reports in HTML for easy viewing in your browser. It is capable of crunching through log files with upwards of 2 million hits in less than 30 seconds. AWStats shows you your log information graphically, processing partial information from large log files for swift analysis.

Unfortunately, the marketing tools are weak – though you will find sage advice in the help section if you need to brush up on SEO. To help you gain early visibility, BlueHost will submit your site to search engines free and offer you mailing lists to promote your site. They also offer $75 of free advertising credit with Google.

This service offers four different shopping carts: osCommerce, Agora, Cube Cart and Zen Cart. You can also create blogs, polls and surveys with WordPress. The free drag-and-drop site builder makes creating a complex site a breeze.