July 15, 2014 Web hosting

fatcowCows are simple creatures, and that is what we like about them. There is nothing like the half-lidded gaze of a bovine to sooth frazzled nerves. Even in their wildest variations, they seldom venture beyond a dual color scheme. What if web hosting service was like that? Simple, easy and calm; FatCow is exactly that – an alternative to the technical, complicated market of web hosting. They offer everything you need to get a basic website off the ground. This service is easy to use and the supporting staff is competent, but don’t expect sophistication. If you crave techno-talk, cows make for poor company. You can only be disappointed.

The pricing scheme is a little bit different from what you will find on most web hosting services. They sell their services in year-sized lumps called “terms.” You will get the best price per month with the three-year term, but you can also purchase a two-year or 12-month plan. If you decide that FatCow is not the right fit for you, they have a full refund policy for the first 30 days following signup.

The basic package also includes $75 in advertising credit from Google, $25 from Yahoo and $50 from Facebook. These credits are redeemable for advertising space on their respective sites, and can be a nice little boon to your traffic when you first start up. Other little goodies include a free Yellowpages.com listing, WordPress blogging tools and the Joomla content management system.

Although this web hosting service is easy to use, it is always nice to have a knowledgeable fallback to consult in the event of a technical problem. An emphasis on customer service is part of FatCow’s unique business approach. The adorable, cuddly and always approachable Moo Crew is available to answer your questions 24/7.

This web hosting service strives to simplify the complex task of starting a website by offering one service package that includes all the essentials. If you are just getting your pinky toe wet before taking the plunge, they also offer a “MiniMoo” package that allows you to park a domain and start up your email accounts. When you are ready to push out into something bigger, you can easily upgrade to the full package. This simplified pricing scheme is good for new users. Veterans may find the FatCow service strategy to be oversimplified and suffocating. We would have liked more explicit information on their FTP. They don’t mention .htaccess support or cron jobs compatibility.

The web hosting service’s site builder is easy to use, but it offers enough advanced features that it will appeal to beginners and experienced users alike. The service integrates Google Custom Search, which enables you to search within your website, and Webmaster Tools, which provide you with right features to manage your website. The web hosting service also supports WordPress, Gallery2 and phpBB, allowing you to turn your website into a blog or add message boards and photo galleries to it.