July 15, 2014 Web hosting

GreengeekIn an ocean of web hosting services, GreenGeeks manages something impressive – it stands out. This is no easy task. It’s a competitive business, which drives even the newest competitors to match the top dogs or perish. Consequently, most service packages are very similar – unlimited bandwidth, disk space and email accounts. It’s not the feature set or price that makes GreenGeeks different, but rather, a business philosophy. As the name suggests, GreenGeeks is an environmentally intelligent service. They run their business on green energy.

What does that have to do with the world of eCommerce and websites? Hosting a single website does not typically require much energy, so you’re not going to save the rainforest singlehandedly by signing up with GreenGeeks. That’s not to say, however, that a green web host comes without any tangible benefits. For starters, you can mark your webpage with a Green Energy badge. People like to support industries that support the earth. From a purely environmental standpoint, even small contributions to the cause help to spread the Green attitude. Every little bit helps.

You may be wondering what puts the green in GreenGeeks. All the electricity consumed by GreenGeeks servers – including the ones that could hold your website one day – are powered by the grid, just like everyone else. The difference is that GreenGeeks turns around and replenishes the lost electricity in wind power – three times over. That means that they generate three times the amount of energy they consume. Not only will your site be green, it will be 300% green.

GreenGeeks offers everything you need for Linux and Unix hosting and provides nearly unlimited everything: unlimited domain hosting, unlimited email accounts, unlimited disk storage, unlimited transfers and much more. GreenGeeks even supports a variety of languages.

This web hosting service comes with a drag-and-drop site builder that’s simple to use. You’ll also find image storage and popular products like WordPress and Joomla and much more. You can view your log files and statistics through Webalizer. It is compatible with things like Google Analytics and other free services.

GreenGeeks provides the first domain registration for free, but they do not support international domains. Choices are limited to top-level domains such as .com, .net, .info, .biz or .org.

GreenGeeks requires that you use a third-party FTP service such at SmartFTP, CuteFTP or FileZilla. This isn’t very difficult for an advanced user, but it adds an unfortunate layer of complication for beginners. Once you have the FTP set up, you have unlimited access, but getting there may present an unwelcome challenge.