July 15, 2014 Web hosting

lunarpagesLunarpages offers a whole slew of hosting plans aimed at businesses of all shapes and sizes. At the bottom of the food chain you will find a simple email-only account that doesn’t even include web space. At the top of the pile is a massive cloud-based hosting service that would be total overkill for the typical small businesses. You’ll be able to find a plan that suits your needs pretty closely if you know where you stand on their graduated pyramid. This web hosting service has a smooth price gradient, so if you find you’ve locked yourself into an account that was too small, it is easy to upgrade and gain a little bit more wiggle room.

The next step up from the email/calendar account is the Starter Web Hosting package. It has a 5GB storage limit and a 50GB limit per month. For bloggers, this package can be a perfect match. However, if you start getting substantial web traffic, these caps can make for cramped quarters.

For a few dollars more per month, you can upgrade to the Basic Web Hosting plan, with unlimited storage space, bandwidth and database access. This package is a solid winner for most websites. You’ll have to scroll through a page of higher-level offers before you find the information on this package; it’s located towards the bottom of the hosting page.

Some packages, such as the Business account come with special features or considerations. The Business account comes equipped with tighter security features than the regular hosting plan (an essential for any site with eCommerce-related aspirations) and built-in help desk software. TremenDesk is a proprietary web application that allows you to create and manage support tickets and help customers get answers as fast as possible.

Quicksite is another specialty option. This service is designed to get you up and out in cyberspace as quickly as possible. If you’re in a time-sensitive situation, this service could come in handy. Bear in mind that the monthly payment for the Quicksite toolset is notably larger than that of the standard hosting package. It may not be the ideal choice if you are going to keep your website long term.

If you require security and guaranteed performance, you can even reserve a dedicated server for your website – that means you won’t have to share it with any other anonymous websites. The highest-level service package even includes cloud computation.

To give your site a good traffic boost, you can add a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) package to any hosting plan. This gives you access to email, social media, pay-per-click and PR marketing advertising options that can help to draw traffic to your website.

During the time we tested out Lunarpages, we didn’t run into many things that we had a hard time figuring out. However, when we did have issues with some of their features, their help section and customer service were less than helpful in resolving them. These minor infractions were rare, however.