July 15, 2014 Web hosting

myhostingMyhosting is a Canada-based web hosting service very much like all the others. They offer a respectable package, but there are no features that make them stand out. The pricing is less competitive than our top services, but it’s nothing outrageous. The servers are moderately reliable, but downtime is not unheard of. Myhosting’s greatest strength is in the software add-ons, especially the site builders. Choices include Expression Web 3, Site Builder and goMobi Mobile Website Builder (for building mobile-compatible content). If you are not an HTML ninja, you’ll appreciate the software selection. If you are a ninja, you might be better off with a less-limited web hosting service.

Myhosting suffers from two debilitating flaws: the limited databases and the touch-and-go customer support system. They only allot five MySQL databases to each user. You might not need them – simple websites usually don’t. Unfortunately, sites of moderate complexity usually do need database power, and five is not a big number.

As for the customer service, it is not the best we’ve seen. If you find the live chat feature active (we didn’t), many users report sluggish response times from the support team. Email proved slightly more responsive – we got our questions answered in about an hour.

Myhosting doesn’t support Secure Shell data transfer, which may present a security hole. This is a gaping oversight – almost all the competition offers SSH. They do, however, offer .htaccess support and anonymous FTP, which are not as common. Other compensating benefits include unlimited FTP accounts and cron jobs.

With myhosting, you are entitled to use their SEO service and mailing lists to market your website. They also give you the option to submit your site to search engines through various submission services. These features can help to boost your traffic when you first start out, but don’t expect any freebies – long-term traffic will require an investment of time and money.

Their email features the Google Spam and Anti-Virus filter, which is a nice security consideration that will keep your inbox looking clean. They also include HackerWise Monitoring and Scanning to make sure that no viruses squirm their way into your content, which protects both you and your users.

In addition to the site builder software, myhosting offers several eCommerce software solutions. Choose from Premium eCommerce Shopping Cart, CubeCart, Magneto or ZenCart. A site builder is also included with every plan, which includes the option to create custom templates. With a little know-how, you can put a photo gallery into your website with B2Evolution, phpBB, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.