July 15, 2014 Web hosting

The personal plan comes with 50GB of disk space and up to 1000GB of monthly bandwidth. The preferred plan comes with 200GB of disk space and 2500GB of bandwidth, while the business plan provides both unlimited. The preferred and business plans also include unlimited domains, plus unlimited MySQL databases and one free domain name. For just a few dollars more a month, we’d definitely recommend considering either the preferred or business plan over the personal one; you get far more features and functionality for a nominal increase in cost.

For the most part, WestHost delivers simple setup and a polished and user-friendly control panel that’s a breeze to navigate. The control panel offers easy access to billing, support options and domain management. Additionally, there’s an easy-to-use site builder. This is also where you access cPanel, the third-party hosting platform that allows you to make changes on your site directly through its point-and-click interface. A few other website hosting providers we reviewed also used cPanel, and though the integrated program is versatile and rich in features, it can be a bit cumbersome and overwhelming. The interface encompasses a seemingly endless collection of feature icons, something new users may find a bit inaccessible and difficult to navigate.

That being said, one thing we do like about the cPanel interface is each section (e.g., preferences, domains, etc.) is collapsible. This allows you to simply collapse the sections you don’t need, creating a cleaner and easier-to-navigate interface showing only the features you currently need.

WestHost offers decent server access, offering 100 FTP accounts under its personal plan and unlimited accounts with its preferred and business plans. Additionally, the service supports .htaccess and cron jobs. The latter is a feature that allows you to schedule automated tasks or jobs at a specific time, like downloading email into your inbox.

While the service isn’t the easiest to use, its help and support options help bridge the gap. When you select the support option in the WestHost control panel, a support ticket window opens, where you can create new support tickets or view pending ones. The service also offers more direct methods to contact them, including a toll-free telephone number and live chat on their website. The site also has an impressive FAQs section, with questions organized by popular topics (eCommerce, general hosting, merchant accounts, etc.). In fact, this is one of the best and most comprehensive FAQs sections we came across during our research.